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무선 충전 칩

/ 15W 무선 충전기 수신기

15W 무선 충전기 수신기

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1. 적용 범위
무선 충전기 수신기 모듈사양 shall 무선 충전기에 적용 15W. 보다 적은 감지 거리 보다 10mm

2. 환경 보호 법률 : RoHS

3. 안전 및 EMC 기준 : WPC 1.2

4. 안전 및 EMC 승인 : ce / fcc

5. 전기적 특성 : 테스트 회로

If 테스트는 지정된 회로에서 수행되어야합니다. 다음 회로를 사용하십시오.
15w wireless charging receiver

6. 15 주 무선 충전 수신기 's 작업 모드 : 전자기 유도 유형 (단일 코일)

7. 출력 전력 : 15W

8. 효과적인 작업 거리 : ≤10mm (권장 일
거리 3-5mm)
9. 효율성 : 최대 74 % (5V 출력) 최대 80 % (9V 출력)

10. 작동 주파수 : 110-205KHz

11. 출력 전압 : 5 ~ 14V (조정 가능)

12. 일 계약 : WPC1.2

13. 지능형 감지 : 지원하다

현재 보호 : 지원하다

과열 보호 : 지원하다

14. 과전압 보호 : 지원하다
정격 출력 전류 : 1.7A
과전류 보호 값 : 2.0A
과열 칩 내부의 보호 값 : 150 ℃


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중소기전력 무선 전원 공급 장치, 큰 힘 무선 전원 공급 장치, 전자레인지 전원 공급 장치

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5W 전송 칩,단일 코일

Newyea 을 제공할 적절한 무선 충전 솔루션!

Newyea Charger Smart EV Charger poles Originality 22kW China Charger manufacture 230V 32A 22kW one gun Carton Packing

This series EV fast chargers adopt European standard interface, integrating setting control, management, query, display, remote monitoring and other functions. The entire charging process is under intelligent control. With dual connector and option-al charging modes, the devices are ideal choices for fast charging at residential area, business premises, party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, car charging network support, etc. Home charger is the single phase 22kW AC charger with maximum 32A output current, specially designed for private use. The charger is equipped with RFID card function for ID authentication to prevent theft of electricity. Only the user with RFID card has access to the charging.

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Mode 2 charging is a smart extension cord that has electronics in line to communicate with the car under charge and associated safety features.

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It is suitable for concentrated high-power charging occasions whose routes are more fixed such as public buses, corporate shuttles, and commuter vehicles, and charging occasions which can meet the needs of fast charging of multiple vehicles at the same time. Output current (A): 0~400 Charging interfaces: CCS2 Output voltage range (VDC):  150~1000 Output power: 60kW Dimensions (W×D×H:mm): 840 x 980 x 2000 (in kind prevail)

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EV type2 AC chargers are available in wall-mounted and floor mountedtypes with output current in 16A,32A and 63A(dual guns). The chargeris reliable, flexible, fast and easy to operate. It is fully tested by author-ities, suitable for public and residential parking lots, highway serviceareas, etc.

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필요한 사항이 무엇이든,Newyea 은 바로 충전을 쌓을 위해 당신

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