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Good news | Congratulations to Newyea Microelectronics for winning the "Technology Innovation Award of the World Wireless Charging Conference"

Good news | Congratulations to Newyea Microelectronics for winning the "Technology Innovation Award of the World Wireless Charging Conference"


On November 11th, 2022 "World Wireless Charging Conference" officially kicked off at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center in Jiangxi. The event was hosted by Nanchang People's Government and hosted by WPC wireless power consortium and Charging Head Network. As the world's first largest annual wireless charging event focusing on the wireless charging industry. On the first day of the conference, thousands of well-known enterprises from the wireless charging industry conducted technical exchanges on wireless charging technology, and jointly discussed the latest technical trends and development status of the wireless charging industry.

Besides sharing "dry goods" with top experts in the wireless field, an award ceremony was held on the spot. After fierce competition in all aspects, such as early application and evaluation, expert evaluation, etc., Newyea Microelectronics finally stood out among many participating enterprises, and won the "Technology Innovation Award" by virtue of "NS10010W Wireless Charging System Scheme". This award is an authoritative recognition of the advanced technology and market development potential of Newyea Microelectronics wireless charging chip in the industry, and it is also an affirmation of the technological innovation of Newyea Microelectronics in the field of wireless charging.

Newyea Microelectronics' award-winning "NS 1100 100W Wireless Charging System". Its main application fields and products include sweeping robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, vacuum cleaners, liquid crystal displays (vehicles), portable instruments and meters, security equipment, etc. At present, Newyea Microelectronics has cooperated with Cisco, and this product has been applied to the security monitoring robot, and sold simultaneously in the whole country.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the application scenarios of various intelligent disinfection products, as well as security robots, smart homes and other products have been increasing, and the shipments of electronic devices with wireless charging function have continued to rise. According to the data published by IFR, the robot market in China is expected to reach 83.9 billion yuan in 2021, more than double that of 2017, with an average compound annual growth rate of 20.2%. In terms of market structure, industrial robots account for 53% and service robots account for 47%. Nowadays, mobile robots have been widely used in many industries. Wireless charging has become the best choice for mobile robots because of its non-contact and high degree of freedom.

As an early enterprise in the industry that founded and researched wireless charging, Newyea Microelectronics has been devoting itself to the research and development and industrial application of small and medium-power wireless charging chips and solutions since its establishment. Product R&D strength and experience have a deep accumulation, especially in customized customer project development and service capabilities, which has been recognized by customers. In the future, Newyea Microelectronics will continue to rely on the company's strong technical strength and rich case accumulation, increase new product research and development and market landing, and meet the application requirements of wireless charging technology in different industries.

The "2022 World Wireless Charging Conference" will last for three days. Welcome to the A6 exhibition hall, booth 6A029+6A020, and have in-depth communication with us.

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